K1 Visa Application Process

Why should we do your K1 Visa application?

You could attempt to do the K1 Visa application process if you feel that you are competent enough. Just be warned that the forms are deceptively simple. A mistake on the forms could cause long delays in the processing of your case or even a denial. Even if you get pass the USCIS stage, the NVC is very particular in the type of documents that they will accept. The last stage of the process is the interview. If your fiancée is not properly prepared, she may feel nervous or say the wrong thing at the interview which may also result in a denial.

If however you wish to obtain a guaranteed result you might opt for a complete solution by obtaining the services of a registered law firm who has years of experience in processing K1 visas. If you have concerns about the processing of your case then our law firm is an answer. We are a registered law firm with offices nationwide and also with an office in the United States and the UK.

We have been helping US citizens bring their Thai fiancées back to their home. Review our success stories to see the level of assistance that we can provide to you and your fiancée in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket or even Chiang Mai.

Listed below is a brief list of the specific tasks we do to help you obtain your K1 visa for your Thai fiancée once you have decided to choose us for your K1 Visa application.

Step 1: K1 Visa Application (Pre-Application)

  1. We will invite your Thai fiancée to visit us at one of our offices in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket or Pattaya. She will meet one of our Thai lawyers who will brief her as to the K1 Visa process. This will allow your fiancée to understand the process and for us to evaluate the case. Your fiancée will be more comfortable with assurances that we are by their side through the K1 Visa process.
  2. At this stage your Thai fiancée would have a good understanding as to the process. She complete a questionnaire in Thai. We will use the information to complete the USCIS forms. Your Thai fiancée will then be provided a document list. We will assist your fiancée with collecting these documents. Any Thai documents will be translated into English and certified.
  3. Once all the documents have been obtained, we will review them to ensure that they are correct. Then we will prepare the K-1 application package. We will send you the completed application package. Upon receiving the documents, you sign the completed forms and documents prior to sending it to the USCIS.

Step 2: K1 Visa Application

The second stage of the K1 visa application process commences when your Thai fiancée receives a packet from the United States Embassy here in Thailand. This packet will contain instructions to complete the forms online and a new document list. When your fiancée provides us the packet, we will begin completing the forms and preparing the supporting documents.

  1. We will ensure that all the forms are completed property and help your fiancée in gathering the required documents including the medical examination and obtaining the Thai police report. After completing the Department of State forms, we will submit the package to the United States embassy in Bangkok. We will wait for an interview date from the U.S. Embassy.
  2. We will prepare your Thai fiancée for the K1 Visa interview at the embassy through role play with a mock embassy interview. This will ensure that she will be familiar with the process of the embassy interview. We will also review with her the list of most common questions asked during the K1 interview process and suggest ways to best answer these questions most effectively
  3. We will proceed to accompany your Thai fiancée to her scheduled interview at the embassy and stay with her until the interview is complete. This means that until she obtains the visa stamped in her passport. At times the US Embassy may ask for some additional supporting documents. With waiting with your Thai fiancée, we would immediately proceed to prepare these documents for her and provide it to the embassy.

K1 Visa Application (Post Application) & K1 Visa Related Services

  1. We always offer our clients’ continuous support even after the marriage has taken place back in the US. Once we obtain your US K-1 visa, we can also assist you with the adjustment of status needed so your new spouse can remain in United States permanently. We retain copies of your legal records at our offices so if you need of further legal assistance or advice, we would be able to quickly serve you.

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