Why You Should Choose Us

Reasons why we are the best U.S. visa lawyers in Thailand

  1. At US Visa Thailand, we have a solid team of US. Immigration specialist who have years of experience in preparing K1 and K3 visas.
  2. We are an International Law Firm with offices throughout Thailand and in the United States. We have an extensive network of branches throughout Thailand to assist your fiancée.
  3. We provide local US Embassy Support: We offer personalized assistance for your Thai fiancé or spouse at the local U.S. consulate.
  4. Guarantee: We are so confident in our ability to succeed that we offer a money back guarantee for our K1 visa and K3 visa service.
  5. Cost effective: We believe in providing a quality legal service at a very affordable price.
  6. Native English speakers and Thai Speaking Staff: Our staff will ensure that your Thai fiancée or spouse will not feel intimidated by the process because of their language capabilities. Our Thai staff will take care of her through the process. With our Thai lawyers, we can prepare certified Thai translations at our office.

SPECIAL NOTICE: Make sure that when you select a lawyer that is fully licensed in the United States. Many visa service firms set up in Thailand are claiming to be lawyers but they are not licensed. Our law firm has attorneys who are licensed in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Thailand.

We are a FULLY licensed law firm ready to provide you with a professional legal service.

Starting your K-1 Visa Application

Assisting your fiancé through out the K1-Visa process and ensuring that everything is on track towards accomplishing your goal – that is bringing your fiancée to the U.S. as fast and easy as possible.